Last updated Feb. 25, 2001

     The following are links to Personal Home pages of individuals who have genealogical interests in Wythe County, Virginia, and surrounding counties.

     If you would like us to list your home page here, please EMAIL me.   Your page must be of a genealogical nature, and it's contents pertain to families from Wythe County, and/or surrounding counties.   Pages which contains links to personal commercial advertisements will not be listed here.  We will immediaely delete links to any and all pages that do not conform to the above requirements.

Many people use free servers for their websites such as; GeoCities, Xoom, etc., and these pages contain distractive advertisements, often having nothing to do with genealogy.    Most of these pages can be agravating as they are slow loading because of all the advertisements.

NOTICE !    Neither myself, my ISP, the GenWeb, or Wythe County, VA are affiliated with any advertisements found on these pages.

Joe Cameron's Homepage  HERE

Don Umberger's Black Lick (Marvin Church) Cemetery Cemetery page   HERE

Glenn Stone's Southwest Virginia History:  HERE

Brian Rodman's New River Valley Families.    HERE

Linda Aker's Ancestors.    HERE

Scott Shrader's Shrader History :  HERE

W. L. Phillips' Umberger History   HERE

Mary Kathryn Kozy's Home Page     HERE

Logan Hill's Family History    HERE

Michael Keesling's Home Page    HERE

Tim & Lora Keesling's Home Page    HERE

Ron Hine's Genealogy Page     HERE

Neale & Kathy's Clifton Genealogy page   HERE

Jim Rader's Roeder (Rader) Genealogy page   HERE

Tom Riggin's Genealogy page   HERE

Dan Tate's Genealogy page   HERE

Ted and Dianne's Gardner's page   HERE

Clifton's Collectibles Genealogy page   HERE

James M. Haga's Genealogy page    HERE

James M. Lavender's Genealogy page     HERE

Jonathan Wert'sGenealogy page     HERE

Keith & Brenda Nichols Genealogy page    HERE

George 'Slater' and Catherine Ingle Thomas family   HERE

Beverly Repass Hoch's family pages  HERE

Beverly (HIMES) Barger's Montgal & Williams connections    HERE

Jim Mabe's Mabe Genealogy   HERE

Dave Bane's Bane/Leedy Genealogy  HERE

Eric Dillow's Dillow Genealogy  HERE

Ted Gose's Gose Family Genealogy  HERE

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