Our hobby is genealogy and we are very much interested in preserving our family heritage. Connie and I are eighth generation here in Wythe County VA, our ancestry leading back to the settlers who were among the first Germans and Scots to settle in the western parts of Wythe County and what is now the eastern sections of Smyth County, VA.    A vast number of the first Germans to settle near Old Mount Airy (present day Rural Retreat, Virginia) first settled in Pennsylvania, in or near the town of Hummlestown, now in Dauphin County. We are related to and/or interested in many families in Wythe and Smyth County, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Our records include over 40 years of research and our primary objective is to record the genealogy of as many of our related families as possible. We are willing to SHARE and EXCHANGE any of our research with anyone who is interested in our efforts to preserve these precious bits of our history.


     At the present time, we have not decided where our records will be placed, or what media will be utilized. We are at present considering printed materials bound in softback form, or CD's, the latter depending on the future of re-writable CD's, and whether or not libraries will have the necessary viewing equipment for the public. We have also begun to place lookup possibilities for our records on the internet, and among these pages are copies of actual records such as church baptismal and cemetery records. We are considering placing selected old photos on the internet in the near future.

     The media for our main research records will be generated by our computers and printers here in our home. The computer media will include but not be limited to: family genealogy and how each family relates to others, stories and interesting notes concerning our ancestors, maps showing the locations of some of the early homes, old photos of old homes and people, cemetery records, newspaper articles, personal unpublished documents, and an addendum to my book, "Early Settlers of Old Mount Airy, Wythe County, Virginia." We will most likely include our library collection which at the present time has outgrown our purse strings. Our library collection contains mostly books on early Pennsylvania Churches, the early listings of immigrants into Pennsylvania, county records of several areas, and privately published genealogies. Our collection would not make the recommended list for Library of The Year, but these publications have been of great value to our research and we hope our collection will be of assistance to future generations.

     Here are some of the major family lines we are researching: Brandstetter; Bateman; Buck; Cameron; Cassell; Cormany; Etter; Farnsworth; Foglesong; Gullion; Gunderson; Kinder; Levinson; Musser; Reusch; Seay; Snavely; Staley; Tobler; Weaver; and Weber. We have and are working on many, many more family names that are branches and sub-branches of the foregoing surnames.

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