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     Any and all records found on our website are for the public and may be freely copied and used by anyone who desires to use them except for use for profit. Use for profit is by written permission only from me.

     My book, "Early Settlers of Old Mount Airy, Wythe County, Virginia" AND the Addendum to my book contains a copyright, and the data within MAY NOT be copied by anyone for publication in a book or the internet without my written permission.

W hy do people insists on donating their genealogical data to all the money grabbing genealogy sites on the internet ?    What logical, sane reason would anyone have, after all their hard work and years of research, to give their data to some money grubbing genealogical site that in turn, will place their data on CD's and sell them to the public for their own profit, but not to the submitters ?

     What is worse ?    It appears, at least in my opinion, that the majority of the people who are submitting their genealogy data files to these genealogy for profit sites are copyright violators - violating the copyrights of the true genealogists who have spent years compiling their family heritage, and lots of money to have their genealogies published.

     Many of these submitters are "armchair" and "computer" so called genealogists, who most likely, have never spent a single day in court houses, cemeteries, or driven many miles and spent many hours interviewing our elders.    They sit at home on their computers, and/or in public libraries and "steal" from the works of others - then they submit their thievery to some genealogy site that in turn, places the stolen works on their own CD's which they sell for profit to the public.  To add gas to the fire, then the money grubbers splash notices all over their CD's and other products that state , "copyright" and "cannot be copied."

     There is no need for me to name these money grabbing sites on the internet because they are well known and well advertised.   They are getting rich from the efforts of foolish people, and many times they are selling stolen information obtained from genealogy theives.

     No person, in my opinion, who is truly interested in genealogy and their heritage, and who holds any respect for others, would ever think of such a selfish and criminal act.

      I feel sure that I will receive many emails about these opinions, and many will say I am wrong, but I am not. Some of my own cousins have commited these criminal acts against me and my research.

THE WORSE PART ! These armchair, computer genealogists are submitting records that they have absolutely no documented proof of such records - stating such records as "fact" and these "so called facts" are snowballing all over the world crupting the science of genealogy.

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